Application and Review Process


The following is the process for the awarding of R2STOP research grants:

  1. Eligible applicants will first submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the R2STOP Scientific Review Committee (SRC) who will assess them in accordance with the R2STOP Research Policy. The LOI is to be submitted by email to
  2. Only those applicants who have a successful LOI submission will be invited to submit a Full Research Proposal Application.
  3. The Full Research Proposal Application will then be reviewed by selected members of the Expert Review Panel, who are experts in the specific Research Proposal subject matter.
  4. The selected group of research experts will then make funding recommendations to the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) based on their review process, and the SRC will ask for any additional information from applicants as needed.
  5. The SRC will then award the research grants.

To submit an application for a R2STOP research grant, please download the Letter of Intent PDF below and email it (along with any necessary supporting documentation) to

Please note that applications for R2STOP grants are not being accepted at this time. A date has not been set for when R2STOP will have another call for research proposals. Please visit this website regularly and follow us on Twitter for the latest information, or contact us at any time.

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